Queen and Ossington has a new bookstore, but it's unlike most others.

Instead of being an actual store where you can go inside, browse, and purchase books, you actually can't enter this one at all.

Instead the store only sells one book, and to buy it you have to scan the barcode on the front window.

The store was set up to sell Sean Brown's new book of photography, In No Particular Order, which is "a visual essay on the subjects of travel, research and design," according to Brown

Brown is "a multidisciplinary creative with a focus on photography and multi-dimensional design. His works, both personal and commercial, often recite themes surrounding accidental meaning: finding context through process, research, and exploration,"  Undisposable has been programming this window space for the past year and reached out to collaborate with Sean Brown on this installation.

The interior of the store is entirely blue, with an installation inside mimicking the printing process.

He said he chose blue because it has always felt like a colour of process to him.