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Undisposable x Puma Low Key Fire

Experiential Marketing / Events
Experiential Marketing / Events

Nike Soldier X campaign

Brand Consulting 

Canada Goose Soho NYC Store launch

Experiential Marketing / Events

Giant Container x Red Cross

Experiential Marketing / Events

New Regime Take over

Content Production / Events

Management & Consulting

Over the past year we have worked with Jamal Burger aka Jayscale to help elevate his reach and audience and oversee his partnerships with brands ranging from Vitamin water to VICE Media and a slew of others in between.

“At Undisposable we don’t condemn any ideas and aren’t scared to make mistakes on our way towards perfecting a project for our clients. Initially a do-it-yourself underground events company we have expanded our scope and now focus on creating unique experiential events. In our first year we are proud to call some of the world’s industry leaders our clients.”

Past clients and partners